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She Grabs Scissors And Starts Cutting 3 Worn Out Bath Towels Then Reveals An AWESOME Surprise!

There comes a time in life when old and worn out bathroom towels need to be replaced. They usually get kind of ratty looking, sometimes the edges fray, and they just don’t feel as comfy as they used to. Once towels have served their purpose most people toss them out or give them away to second hand stores.

Instead of doing either of those two things, put them to further good use and recycle them into a new spiral rug. This crafty project from the HGTV Handmade channel on YouTube is very easy to accomplish and shows you an environmentally friendly way to reuse any old bathroom towels you may have on hand.

All you need is 3 bath towels, a pair of scissors, sewing needle, and thread.

She first folds each towel in half and then cuts them up into one inch wide strips. A medium sized rug like the one she is making requires about 13 strips but you can add more or less to make a larger or smaller version of it.

Once all the towels have been cut, take three strips and sew their ends together. Then start braiding them into a cord all the way to the end, folding the raw edges of the strips as you go to make the braid appear neater looking.

Next, take three more towel strips and sew the ends of them onto the end of the piece you just braided. If you’re using different colors and want a more uniform look, try arranging the strips so they match what you just made.

Repeat this process until you have one long braided strip of towel. At this point you’re ready to make it into a rug. Take one end of the braided strip and start coiling it around in a circular fashion. Sew the very center part together and continue sewing all of the coils together as you move outwards and add new layers.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re not great at sewing because you won’t end up seeing the thread, just make sure you pass the needle through the layers so that they’ll end up staying well connected. Once you reach the very end of the braided piece sew the three ends of the strip both together and to the outermost coil as well. Flip it over and you’re done!

These up-cycled and colorful towel rugs are perfect for in the bathroom or anywhere in your house where you may want to protect floor or need it. They easily absorb a lot of water and moisture and can keep floors safe and dry when you step out of the shower or trudge in from outside.

Plus, if it gets all dirty and trampled on it won’t even matter since it’s recycled and virtually cost free. Try making one the next time you replace your bath towels and help cut down on waste!

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