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Sick grandmother found an old suitcase of her deceased husband, when she opened it she was in shock

Ill grandmother without hope, found an old suitcase belonging to her deceased husband. When she opened it, she was shocked. Welcome to Viral Story and we invite you to be the protagonist of the following story. The beloved grand grandparents of the young Muriel were married for almost 65 years. Carmen and Maximo knew each other in childhood.

They were friends, and neighbours and shared many happy moments. When they both turned 18, they got married. It was a traditional wedding where the white doves and the flight towards the sky brighten the celebration dedicating love at the top. They had two children and today five grandchildren. Ten years ago, Max Monson, as they affectionately called him, died, leaving his widow in the house where they’d spent almost an entire life together.

Their children had their lives in their own houses. After the death of her husband, Mrs Monson flatly refused to sell it. She didn’t want to rent it, much less move in with her grandchildren who wanted to take care of her and give her a quiet life until the end of her days. But Carmen was quite stubborn, stating that she didn’t want to bother and preferred to stay in a known place where they’d been happy, had children, and formed a family.

Even though the family didn’t give up, her grandchildren would visit her very often. One of these grandchildren was her beautiful Zamina, the first granddaughter, the daughter of an only daughter and who accompanied her since she was a baby. Soon it was a hot summer day when Zeam decided to visit her grandmother Carmen to accompany her, tell her about her days and prepare some dessert.

The grandmother’s reaction was expected, so she was very happy when she saw little Zeem at the door. Everyone they knew was aware that the grandmother treated little Zeam with more affection than the rest of the grandchildren because she stated that she was very hardworking and carried around housework correctly, things that reminded Carmen of when she was young.

When she thought of that memory, Carmen cleaned herself some tears from her cheek. After hugging her grandmother, Zamina quickly entered the house to clean and order it. While the young woman cleaned up the kitchen, she spoke with her grandmother Carmen, who was in the living room with the air conditioning on to withstand the heat. After half an hour of lively conversation, the grandmother remained silent. The young woman continued cleaning when, after hearing the sob, she decided to go to the living room where the grandmother was.

When she reached the door, she opened it carefully to not scare her grandmother and to the young woman’s surprise, the grandmother was crying while looking at a photo of her late husband. Mrs Monson, unaware of the presence of her granddaughter, whispered, I Maxy. How I miss you, Darling. Why did you go and leave me alone?

We’ve been so happy in this house for so long and now I’m left alone without you with a lot of illnesses and very little money. Although that doesn’t worry me. You’ll see, my Maxi, I can’t leave this house. There’s something that keeps me here, but I don’t have the strength to keep it. I only ask for one thing, my dear.

Take me with you soon. And if you don’t want me to be there by your side, show me what I should do. Which way I should go? Well, after hearing the words of her grandmother, Zamina couldn’t help but cry. When she finally recovered from the emotion, the granddaughter entered the room, pretending not to have heard anything, and said, Dear Grandmother, what’s wrong?

Are you ill? Samina asked as she stroked her arm. No, my girl, it’s fine. I just remember your grandfather, Max, who’s in every corner of this house. That’s why I got sad, answered Mrs.

Monson, trying to sound sincere, but Zim wasn’t stupid enough to believe that explanation. The next day, Zamina gathered the rest of the family to tell them what had happened. Mrs Monson’s favourite granddaughter was clear that her grandmother could no longer be alone among all the grandchildren. Only Zamina could work from home, so she reached an agreement with her boss to only go to the office twice a week, and the rest of the time she’d work at home.

After making this decision, Zamina moved completely to her grandmother’s house a few days later. Well, Grandma, now I’ll live here with you and you won’t be sad anymore for not having anyone, said the young woman as she hugged her grandmother. Mrs Monson couldn’t believe it and burst into tears as she thanked God for that help. The day of the move became a party for both women.

Mrs Monson couldn’t stop smiling, and that made Zamina feel very happy. At night, while having a cup of tea, Zamina asked her grandmother the meaning of the words she said. A few days ago, when she looked at her grandfather’s photo, she knew that it was not right to spy on her grandmother, but curiosity got the better of her. Mrs.

Monson hardened her expression and became somewhat sad. And sighing, she said, you know, Zamina, your grandfather and I got married when we turned 18 and we lived together for a long time. But after his death, I have a feeling that I didn’t know him. Even though Max brought a lot of money home, he never gave it to me. He probably kept it or spent it on other things.

However, he never told me how he got it. I think he was hiding things from me. It’s possible that he had a lover. After hearing those words, Zamina felt completely uncomfortable with the grandmother’s confession. She knew that she should support her in some way, but the shame made her look away.

For her, the marriage of her grandparents was exemplary, so it was hard for her to believe that after taking a sip of a cup of tea, Mrs Monson continued with her story. You see, honey, your grandfather’s been dead for ten years and I still don’t know anything about his affairs or his work. I don’t even know any of his coworkers or friends. The only thing I’m sure of is that Maxi was the love of my life.

But he spent a lot of time in the garage and they’re almost all of his things. Sometimes I want to go to the garage, but I’m afraid of discovering something that I don’t want to know. The intrigued granddaughter said the following to her grandmother. Grandma, I think we should go to the garage so we can see what’s there and clear up any doubts, answered Zeam excitedly as she took her grandmother by the arm, but Mrs Monson refused to go.

She didn’t want to meddle in the affairs of her late husband. Without knowing what to say, the granddaughter shrugged her shoulders and concluded that she didn’t know well the relationship that existed between her grandparents. She was thinking about the matter the rest of the night when she went to her bedroom. Mrs Monson followed her to talk to her and earnestly apologized for the unpleasant way she had ended the conversation and agreed to take a look at the garage.

Although it was already dark, Zamina accepted her grandmother’s idea. After several attempts to open the rusty garage lock, the women were able to enter. Upon entering, the young woman was struck by the number of rusty tools on a table and the cobwebs of the place. They also didn’t have any type of ventilation. After carefully observing the garage, the women looked at each other.

Carmen sighed with disappointment for not finding anything. They were about to leave when suddenly the granddaughter saw a hole in a door with a padlock. Thanks to the fact that Mrs Monson had kept all the bunches of keys that her husband had, they were able to open the lock. Inside there were folders tied with a rope.

The young woman looked more closely and saw an old and damaged suitcase. Mrs Monson didn’t give importance to the documents contained in the folders. However, the suitcase generated some interest in her. Seeing her grandmother’s curiosity, Zamina took the suitcase and took it home.

She found several office supplies. Inside the small suitcase, there were letters written by the grandfather for his wife that for some reason had never been sent. In the letters, he recognized the love he felt towards his wife and regretted the little time he spent with his family. In addition, the letters contained something that all these years Maximo couldn’t confess to his wife. But the most impressive letter was the last one in which he confessed what he had been dedicating himself to for these years.

It was written in small letters and said, Dear Carmen, please forgive me for everything during all these years I’ve been hiding the truth from you. I worked for the CIA for many years they entrusted me with a secret Department. And I’ve been in direct contact with the government. So I had to sign an agreement of confidentiality. For a long time, I was living a life of deceit.

Carmen, I hope you can forgive me for the lies I’ve been forced to tell you. I couldn’t explain the large sums of money I received for special operations. I hid that money and I also bought gold jewellery for you. The suitcase has a double bottom, and when you break them, you’ll find the jewellery. But this is not the only surprise that awaits you.

There’s a second hiding place and it’s in the back of the painting that hangs next to the door. There, behind the plaster, there’s a secret door. And the key is in the false bottom of the suitcase next to the jewels. After so many years of lies and lies, now you know everything. Forgive me and don’t be angry with love.

Yours, Max. After reading the letter, Zamina and her grandmother couldn’t stop crying. They took the suitcase and carried out the instructions given by the grandfather to find the treasures. When they opened the false bottom, they found twelve jewels that seemed to cost a fortune. Also behind the painting, there were so many gold bars on the wall.

That Carmen Monsoon became a millionaire. Immediately after such a discovery, the grandmother felt like she was on a roller coaster of emotions. Finally, Carmen Monson decided to sell the old house and moved to a new one with her grandmother, Zamina. Sharing with her a large part of the fortune that her husband, Max had left her in the afternoon. Carmen usually cries, remembering all the years in which she was happy.

Despite not knowing anything about her husband. And she had doubts about his love and trust. Thanks to her husband, now she could have a peaceful old age. Every time Mrs Monson took the photo of her late husband, she apologized for distrusting him and thinking that he could have had a lover.

The most important thing was knowing that although she had been deceived for so many years, the love she felt one for the other was real. Friends, we’ve reached the end of the story. Now tell me, what was the part that impacted you the most? Write me your impression in the comments.