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Teacher Realized These Triplets Only Spoke To Each Other Then She Discovered Their Awful Past

Teacher realized these triplets only spoke to each other. Then she discovered their awful past. Sierra, Haley and Cassidy the quiet triplets lived a troublesome life and we can’t ever imagine their entire situation. They spent half of their life shifting between different foster homes and the other half with their irresponsible parents. There were times when the triplets had to live without the basic necessities of life due to their homeless state.

Although these triplets lived a gruesome life, they strived hard and finally reached a milestone in their life. Despite all the tough circumstances of their life, they were finally graduating from Valley High School. How did they achieve this? Let’s find out the details now. As these triplets were living a homeless life, they received help from the community as well as each other.

They became each other’s strengths as they had nobody to support them and cheer for them. They decided to support each other instead. As they narrated their story, the audience felt chills down their spine. Sierra stated that as they came into this world, their mother passed away. Losing your mother in the initial days of your life is something many of us cannot even imagine as the pain cannot be put into words.

The triplets then lived with their father till one day when he got arrested. As their father got arrested, they had no other option than to live with their old grandmother. Their grandmother was of a backward mentality and did not understand the importance of schooling and as a result of her preconceived thoughts, the triplets could not go to school until they were eight years old. However, they got some hope when their father returned from prison. Things did not change much after his release as well.

When he came home, he shifted to Las Vegas along with his three children. But one day he disappeared. All of a sudden the triplets were now without any adult supervision and they had to look after themselves. Being little kids, they took each day as it came and could not come up with a proper strategy to live their lives peacefully. One day their home got attacked by some nearby shooting and they had to deal with it all by themselves as well.

No matter how self sufficient children are, they are not conditioned to deal with such instances alone. But the triplets had to deal with it by themselves as well. After the incident, things took a wild turn and they had to live with their grandparents again at their grandparents’place.

They were not provided with the basic necessities of life and had to manage their education and food through babysitting at the local places near their home. Sierra believed that being triplets helped them a lot in life.

The three of us have really relied on each other as a support system and that helped a lot actually. So I think if we hadn’t had that, if we were all single children or if we were even different ages, we’d be in a different situation, said Sierra. Due to their strong willpower and determination they somehow managed to study despite their difficult life situations, they stood by each other’s sides and managed to graduate.

Their hard work and efforts were quite evident in their results as well as the three of them graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average which most students cannot achieve even under normal circumstances. Their counselor praised them by saying that they are the real superheroes as they manage to continue their studies without any family support.

One of their instructors stated that these girls were miracles because it is extremely difficult for children to be so goal oriented. That too without any adult supervision and family support.

As the girls graduated and held their degrees in their hands, their teachers realized the reason behind their reserved personalities. There was not even a single person in the audience who wasn’t teary eyed. As the girls narrated their whole story.