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The father couldn’t stop screaming when he realized what his wife gave birth to

Between life and death. In the middle of the delivery room, a woman decides to confess to her boyfriend that the baby she was about to deliver belonged to another man. Cassandra and Ludovico were a couple whose love story started when they were children. From the first day they saw each other, they felt a great connection, so they always played together they accompanied them wherever they went into adolescence, but until then was a tender childhood.

The friendship ended up turning into something else and that’s when they started their relationship more commonly as they were both born in very poor homes where they were forced to suffer various needs.

One of their first common goals was to work on their minds to improve and progress and thus ensure that their future children would not have to go through the same situation when they graduated from high school due to state universities, but I veto the proposal. Cassandra gathered their life savings so she could enrol in communication school and thus fulfil her dream of being a journalist while he dedicated himself to work. She was very surprised that she played with emotion and told him she had no words to thank him for what he does. For her. Time went by and with it.

Their immense love that seemed indestructible grew even more so. During a beautiful dinner, Ludovico and Cassandra promised that they loved each other body and soul and would always correspond with each other. The important newspaper. Cassandra was fascinated with the idea because it was a great opportunity to take off in her professional life. He was therefore unable to accompany her.

It would be the first time they’d been separated for so long. Yet this did not worry him as he trusted Cassandra and the great love they had. Upon returning from that place, his girlfriend’s attitude changed so radically that Ludovico felt that something strange had happened at that moment and perhaps that trip had been a serious mistake. Cassandra constantly looked for excuses not to spend much time together and she was rarely affectionate with him. It was as if their love had suddenly disappeared.

When he asked what was wrong, she avoided him or said she was tired, so he took her to the doctor when they received the great news that they were expecting a baby. At first, he was confused since before the trip they stayed together and it was then that Cassandra explained that her pregnancy had more than two full months of joy, knowing that he would be the father from the moment the young man began to prepare everything to arrive from the world of his future greatest love.

However, Cassandra, instead of sharing her happiness since I am in the state, did nothing Besides cry and spend days locked in a room and even cancelled without explanation. The wedding plans that Ludovico had organized with so much care. The doctors told him that it was all probably due to the condition.

Since hormones leave women with more of it reassured young, who with great patience struggled to understand his strange behaviour and from there all his support during the following months. The day Cassandra’s waters broke, Ludovico immediately took her to the hospital and upon arrival she was admitted to the emergency room because, according to the doctors, she was having a premature birth and the young man was completely given away because, according to his reports, Cassandra should be nine months pregnant.

Some later, a doctor appeared in the room and told him that Cassandra’s health condition was critical. Then they would have to do a C-section, but it was more likely that she would not survive. She asked to speak to you before she went into the operating room with a tearful drip, Ludovico clung to her and said, you’re my love.

The girl was so weak that she struggled to speak, but the only thing she managed to say before she fainted was this son. It’s from another man. Seeing Ludovico’s reaction measured, nurses froze, unable to believe what was happening. I disturb you. I don’t care if he doesn’t have my good blood, I will lie to Malu and take care of him as if he were my love, I promise you.

But please don’t abandon us. You have to be strong. You’re the love of my life. We both need you, he exclaimed, clinging even tighter to her, showing that his love was great enough to be able to forgive this mistake and love the baby, regardless of whether it was his child or not. But although Cassandra miraculously managed to stay alive, her heart was so weak that they had to induce her into a coma, and if she didn’t find a donor soon, they would not be able to keep her safe for long.

Through social networks, Ludovico spread the story and started a campaign to find a heart that could save his beloved wife. The case was so moving that it went viral and reached the ears of the director of an organ donation centre, who, in an unprecedented act, got one that was a match. One thing Cassandra saw when she woke up was the smile of Ludovico, who was sitting next to her holding little Lucas in his arms.

Before an incredible scene, Cassandra collapsed, crying, and when she finally caught her breath, she was able to speak. When she saw that, despite her confession, Ludovico, not shaking either her or the baby, continued to tell everything in detail.

The owner of that newspaper, taking advantage of her position, he tricked her into staying until after hours, and that’s when he abused her. She felt so dirty, unworthy of his love and of deserving him to marry her after being tainted by another man that she was unable to tell him the truth because she feared he would reject her when he learned she was pregnant with that degenerate’s child and she felt devastated and she didn’t know what to do.

When she found out that she would probably die take it out on the truth and beg him to be forgiven for a good family but in that time to do it. After Ludovico not only hugged her and felt proud of her for being the one to be able to tolerate so much pain and silence her life in exchange for her son. Despite everything, with his support and love, Cassandra managed to fully recover and start receiving therapy for the terrible trauma she suffered.

Now all three are back home and ready for the wonderful family they’d always dreamed of. Thank you so much for reading to the end.