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This Dog Barked In Distress At A Policeman, Then He Led The Cop To A Distressing Scene

This dog barked in distress at a policeman. Then he led the cop to a distressing scene. This time our story is all about how an unusual team up of a cop and a frantic dog turned out to be a roller coaster to ride of emotions. Jeff Gonzalez is one of the most experienced cops in Germantown, a relatively small village situated in Washington County, Wisconsin.

Jeff had worked for the police Department for a number of years and he can always recognize trouble when he sees it. Fortunately for Officer Jeff, Germantown has a high ranking in terms of having a safe neighborhood. So although being a cop will always have its challenges, it’s fair to say that the cops in the village have a fairly easy time of things.

One freezing February day in 2015, Officer Jeff was on duty and was driving around the snowfilled Autumn Ridge neighborhood. As the good cop drove along, he noticed a dog running around the streets.

The animal didn’t appear to be astray since he was wearing a collar and attack. As a result, the cop decided to stop his car and investigate. The dog stood there and was barking frantically at the officer. It became clear to Officer Jeff that the dog was in some distress, so he decided to follow him and as he did so, he got the feeling that the animal was trying to lead him somewhere. However, nothing could have prepared him for the scene he was about to uncover.

The dog led a cop to the home where he lived and it was there outside the house that the officer discovered the dog’s owner collapsed in a chair. What’s worse was that the woman was completely unresponsive. The lady named Crystal was wearing just her pajamas in a coat and Officer Jeff had no way of telling how long she’d been out there.

Given just how cold it was, it seemed that help had come too late to save the dog’s beloved owner. The officer then checked for a pulse and at that moment he realized that there was still a faint sign of life from Crystal.

He immediately called 911 and his partner, who was just nearby. They got Crystal inside the house and Officer Jeff also notified Crystal’s daughter Tiana Went of her mother’s situation. After Tiana had arrived at the scene, the paramedics had already rushed Crystal to the Community Memorial Hospital in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin.

Doctors there then monitored Crystal’s heart condition and ran tests on her. Thankfully, despite her initial precarious condition, Crystal was soon on the road to recovery and what’s more, she was looking forward to personally thanking Officer Jeff Gonzalez when she got out.

It was later revealed that Crystal had taken her dog named Johnboy outside shortly before she collapsed. She had then fallen unconscious and remained in the same spot for some 2 hours while her loyal dog desperately tried to get help it was fortunate then that John boy managed to find officer Jeff Gonzales just in the Nick of time. Because of this commendable effort in saving Crystal, Germantown police Department dedicated a post to the cop on its social media page.

It is the actions of the officers such as PO Jeff Gonzalez that makes us proud to be a part of the German town police Department team read the tribute. However, Jeff Gonzales didn’t want to take all the credit for saving Crystal’s life himself.

The cop said it was John boy who had pointed him in the right direction and that if it wasn’t for John boy, it could have ended differently. What’s more, before Crystal adopted John boy, three different families had given up on the heroic count. It turned out that Crystal was the right owner for him.

And after the dutiful dog’s courageous actions, Crystal and her family considered themselves very lucky that John boy is part of their lives. Thanks to officer Jeff and John boy’s teamwork, it made it possible for Crystal to make a full recovery.