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Rice is one of the staple foods in the globally. Rice is easy to prepare and can be consumed with anything. Unfortunately

, it might not be a healthy meal to eat during the night.

Rice is rich in starch and breaks down easily hence can be digested easily. It is a dish that leads to an instant spike in your blood glucose levels as it breaks down easily and that means, you have an instant burst of energy.

Rice also leads to serious weight gain as it has more calories that if not used up is stored as fat in the body.

The fact that rice can be digested easily is a disadvantage because you are going to be asleep for the next few hours, your body will not get any nutrition for these many hours. Therefore you will wake up the next morning feeling hungry as your body was in starvation mode during the night.

Rice is a light food and people take it as a better option from other foods. It is better to consume high -fiber foods during the night because they are not easy to digest.

It is even better to switch to brown rice because it does not break down easily. Or one can even decide to eat two chapattis and skip eating white rice that lacks nutrients.