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This is what will happen to your body if you press this point on your foot every day

With all the pills and medications the market has to offer today, you would think that every problem you have will have a solution. Unfortunately, many medications just don’t work for some people, and if they do – then they come with many side effects that create additional problems.

Acupressure is an alternative medicine method that many people use, and many (if not all) claim that it works great for them. There are many trigger points in the body, but the LV3 point is considered the ‘popular’ point for improving overall health.

The LV3 point, also known as ‘Tai Chung’, is located in the foot, close to the comb bones. The meaning is Liver 3 (liver 3) because of the connection that the point has to the liver meridian which is connected to different points in the body and can affect health in different ways. What can the LV3 point do? Here are some examples of the effect of LV3 on the body:

1. Relieves stress and tension

Your concentration and clear thinking can be improved, by reducing the level of stress and relieving fatigue.

2. Pain relief

The LV3 point is attached to the lower back, thus it can relieve pain. It also helps relieve genital problems, including menstrual cramps. Pressing on the point also helps relieve headaches and eye pain.

3. Digestion

The LV3 point helps with indigestion and abdominal pain, as well as the hangovers! Metabolism is managed through this point, so it can also help in weight loss.

4. Anti depressant

Leave the antidepressant pills, the LV3 point can be the solution for you, especially with depression and anxiety. It helps reduce stress and insomnia, and which is directly linked to helping treat depression.

5. Fighting against Parkinson’s

Acupuncture is the key here, as opposed to stress. It turns out that for many years the LV3 point has been used against the tremors that Parkinson’s disease causes.

So how do you find the LV3 point? While you are barefoot, you will find the area between the big toe and the toe next to it, then move the two fingers sideways and down. Next to the protruding bone, that’s where the LV 3 point is at. When you find the point, massage it gently. Repeat the operation, several times a day.

You can massage the point and experiment with it and other pressure points. But there may be complications if you have rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins, or if you are pregnant – in these situations, do not perform these presses.

In addition, heart disease and / or cancer should raise a red flag, and it is important to consult a doctor before performing the compressions. Also, do not try acupuncture yourself – it should only be performed by a qualified and licensed person.

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