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This is what will happen to your body if you wrap it in aluminum foil for an hour

Aluminum foil can be found in every kitchen around the world, and while most of us associate aluminum foil to food preparation and storage, there are other uses for this common item you may not have thought of..

Helps against cold

For example, aluminum foil can be an excellent remedy against cold. To start, you will need to wrap your feet with at least 5 layers of aluminum foil. Since it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves the cold symptoms you feel. Leave the feet wrapped for at least two hours and if the symptoms continue for more than a week, then you should see a doctor for further help.

Helps with burns

The next thing that aluminum foil can help with is those burns. It’s not a treatment that most people would think of, and even studies conducted on the subject have found that this method does help. Before you put the aluminum foil, the wound or burn should be cleaned with water and a dry towel. Apply an ointment and put bandage on it afterwards. Once the wound is bandaged, wrap it with aluminum foil and secure it with masking tape, try not to move too much so that the pain goes away as quickly as possible.

Increases energy levels

Aluminum foil can even increase your energy level. Take a few strips of aluminum foil and put in the freezer for two to three hours. Place the cold aluminum foil on the eyelids and cheeks. This will make the facial muscles more relaxed and make you more relaxed and calm, after which you will be shocked by the incredible alertness you will feel.

Helps painful joints

Last but not least, those suffering from painful joints can also absorb the benefits of aluminum foil. If you suffer from sciatica or sciatic pain, wrap aluminum foil around the painful body part and try to limit your movements. Stay wrapped overnight or for a full 24 hours. Repeat the process for 10 days, and you will be surprised to find that the pain goes away.

So if you feel sick or in pain, try this method – because aluminum foil is not just for the kitchen!