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This Mom’s Creative Way Of Punishing Her Son Is Applauded All Around The World

A mother caught her son using his phone after his bedtime, something that is against the rules in her household. Seeing as though he chose to go against that rule, she grounded him. In order for him to end his punishment, he had to earn points.
500 whole points.

However, he could choose how to do it. This mom created a pretty creative list containing a variety of household chores, each with a point value.

Here’s what his mother wrote:
You got grounded!!!
To get rid of your penalty, you must earn ___500_____ points.
Offense: _____ Playing on the mobile phone after bedtime _____
Write a nice letter to a family member = 10 points
Prepare and cook dinner = 50 points
1 load of laundry (get started, hang up, fold) = 100 points
Clean and organize a kitchen cupboard = 50 points per shelf
Empty the dishwasher = 25 points
Load the dishwasher = 25 points
Clean and wash off counters = 25 points
Clean out microwave = 40 points
Clean and vacuum the living room = 30 points
Sweep and mop kitchen = 30 points
Wash windows = 10 points per window
Water house plants = 10 points
Dust living room = 25 points
Clean bathroom (sink, toilet and floor) = 50 points
Take out trash (and re-bag) = 10 points per garbage bag
Clean the litter box = 10 points”

This is for certain, this family’s home is going to be very clean by the time the boy earns all his points.
What do you think of this mother’s punishment?

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