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THIS Penny Is Worth $1,700,000! THIS Is How You Can Check To See If You Have One In Your Pocket!

It’s no secret that people love collecting things. From baseball cards, shoes, cars and in this case rare coins. Once you start a collection sometimes it can become something that will change your life forever. In the case of today’s story it is about collecting rare and valuable coins. In particular in the video below you will learn how to recognize numerous coins that look normal but have special value once trained eye studies it and then tells you how much it is worth.

In the video the man goes over a bunch of different coins from cheapest to most expensive until he gets to the pennies that are worth $1,700,000 dollars if auctioned!  He explains what elements coins are made out of in modern times. Each coin is made from different amounts of compounds such as copper, zinc, silver, gold and even steel! The 1943 steel pennies from are 99% steel and we’re only minted for one year in the United States…

There are just a couple of pennies from 1943 that weren’t made of steel but copper. These 1943 copper pennies are so valuable because that year almost every penny was made from steel. These copper pennies were accidentally minted but still somehow made their way into circulation..

He explains that if you take a magnet on place it near a 1943 penny and it doesn’t get attracted and stuck to the magnet then you most likely have one of these incredibly valuable pennies! The man goes over in detail what to look for to the very smallest detail. Also how you can spot a fake or counterfeit version which is an epidemic in the coin collecting community.

So check your piggy bank, your purse, your wallet or even in-between your couch cushions to see if you are now rich!

Watch the video below for a detailed explanation and how to find out if you have the special 1943 penny:

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