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Twins Caught Fighting Inside Their Womb

You’ve probably seen sonogram images of babies in the womb moving around and even smiling or sucking their thumb.

A sonogram video shows a pair of identical twin girls playing with each other.

The few moments have been viewed over 3 million times in only a few short days.

Mr. Tao went with his wife to her appointment so that they could check on their girls.

Mrs. Tao was four months pregnant when they went to the doctor and when they saw that their daughters were much more active than they expected.

The girls already had names of Strawberry and Cherry. Mrs. Tao wanted to name them after fruits that she enjoys.

These little girls can be seen in the same amniotic sac and sharing the same placenta, which means that they are mo-mo twins.

While this type of twin birth is risky, it’s still possible to carry the babies to term.

While viewing the girls on the sonogram screen, the husband and wife noticed that they were cuddled close to each other at one visit.

However, at another visit, the couple saw that the girls looked like they couldn’t get away from each other fast enough.

It looked like they were kickboxing together to see who was stronger! Mrs. Tao delivered her babies at 32 weeks and are healthy.