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Where’s my bible? Three kids found dead in Los Angeles home, mom arrested

Three children found dead in Woodlands Hills LA home, mother arrested. Victims identified as two 8 year old boys and a 12 year old girl. No known motive as mom is taken for mental evaluation.

‘Where’s my bible?’ A mother observed hysterically screaming outside a California home has been arrested after three children were found dead at a Woodland Hills residence, Sunday morning.

The crime scene involves three different homes on this 22000 block of Victory Boulevard in Woodland Hills. Initial 911 calls came from neighbors at 7:40 am Sunday morning referencing an assault with a deadly weapon, according to the LAPD.

Officers found 3 deceased children inside the home — two 8 year old boys and a 12 year old girl. Paramedics said the kids had been dead for several hours when they arrived KABC-TV reported.

The mother, whose identity had yet to be released, was detained and brought to a hospital for a mental evaluation before placed in custody. She was arrested Sunday night but has yet to be charged, according to LAPD.

Neighbors say they heard screaming and fighting before calling the police.

‘They look like nice, normal people…’

‘I couldn’t see anybody, and I kept hearing, ‘My family is abusing me,’ and just kept hearing screaming, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying,’ neighbor Priscilla Canales told FOX11.

Upon the mother being detained, neighbors said the mother was hysterical and screaming ‘where’s my bible’ as she led out in a stretcher from the house where the 3 children’s bodies were found.

Neighbor, Stephen Hayes, 71, said he saw the family riding bikes.

‘They look like nice, normal people. It is one of the nicest looking houses in the block,’ he said.

A neighbor who live a block away said he heard muffled cries from a child Saturday night.

‘I thought I was just dreaming,’ he said. ‘I thought West Hills was supposed to be safe. Nothing is safe nowadays.’

LAPD also confirmed that another child was involved. That child was unhurt, police say they ran to a neighbor’s house.

No other suspects are being sought, and the cause and manner of death remained unknown Sunday evening, KTLA reported.

LAPD says this an active investigation.