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Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should attend the coronation, according to experts

After months of rumors, a spokesman for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed to the BBC in early March that the couple had received an official invitation to King Charles III’s coronation.

Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, will be crowned at a historic ceremony on May 6. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not yet said whether they will be present. As of Friday, insiders requesting a statement on whether Meghan and Harry planned to attend did not immediately receive a response from their agents.

Since the couple’s Netflix films Harry & Meghan and Harry’s memoir Spare were recently released, tensions between them and senior royals, particularly Prince William and the, have decreased. The couple’s relationship with the royal family has been tense for yearsHarry and Meghan accepting the invitation would be advantageous for Meinzer and Schiffer both personally and professionally, they told Insider.

Meinzer said of the Sussexes, “I think if they attended the coronation, it would be a chance for them to continue the healing that they’re striving for.

She also thinks Meghan and Harry might experience more stress by missing the coronation than by going.

“They know the world will be watching and there will be a lot of questions as to why they are not there,” she added of those who choose not to travel. “The major benefit for them is just the looks; they appear to be doing their best even when the royal family isn’t always doing it,wasn’t immediately clear if King Charles would invite his youngest son and daughter-in-law to the coronation, especially after Harry released “Spare,” in which Harry said his father called him “delusional,” not hugging him after Princess Diana died and did not want to support Meghan financially after she became a member of the royal family.

But Charles has extended the invitation – which Schiffer says is good PR for the king. According to Schiffer, the Sussexes’ invitation makes the royal look like he is “working to bring the family together” and shows “that he will not let what he sees as poor decisions by his son prevent what could be a beautiful coronation.” . “

“That shows a lot of maturity from the king,” Schiffer said, referring to Charles, who invited Meghan and Harry to the coronation. “And it’s what a good father would do.”