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Woman Raises More Than $50,000 On Gofundme By Pretending To Have Ovarian Cancer And Uses The Money For Travel, Gambling, And Upscale Shopping

Elkabbas from United Kingdom was arrested for fraud after police found out she faked ovarian cancer and raised more than $50,000 from GoFundMe.

Elkabbas created a convincing GoFundMe page with a picture of her lying in a hospital bed and more than 600 people donated to help her.

During her scheme she spoke about her ovarian cancer diagnosis, subsequent surgery and round after round of grueling chemotherapy. Everything was a lie, prosecutors say.

She was found guilty by majority verdicts last November of fraud by false representation and possession of criminal property. The 42-year-old was found guilty and jailed for 2 years and 9 months.

Elkabbas had denied the offences and her defense had argued that she believed she had cancer.

Prosecutor in court said Elkabbas was a “confidence trickster” who made claims she knew were untrue.

“Clear emotive language, playing on the fears of the public, pulling on people’s heartstrings and then saying that there was an opportunity to be saved,” he added.

The woman spent most of the money on luxury shopping, trips across most popular cities in Europe and gambling.

GoFundMe spokesperson said all donations were refunded to the donors. He added, there is no risk for donors in case of a fraud like this.