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Woman Thinks Engagement Ring Is Small Then Finds The Receipt And Shames Fiance Online

Some women dream of the day their boyfriend proposes to them. They imagine him getting down on one knee and proclaiming his love for her! Then he presents the ring! The ring, for most women, is a rock that glitters and outshines all other gems in the world! What happens if your soon-to-be fiancé can’t afford a big ring? A user on Mumsnet shared with the world her disappointment over the small ring her fiancé gave her.

engagement ring

She was really looking for some support, but many people who responded to her post were outraged. The first thing the woman thought of when she saw the white gold diamond solitaire ring was “small.”Then she went on to say, it wasn’t just the size but the color of the gold and the setting – none of it was up to her expectations. And the stone was small and had ‘chunky’ shoulders. The woman even found the receipt and posted it!

engagement ring
Image Credit: fattura_a_vita / Instagram
She said her fiancé makes a 6-figure salary and could have afforded a bigger and better ring! Ok, at this point, the woman has gone too far! She can be unhappy about the ring, but to post the receipt and tell the world that she isn’t happy with it is too much.

engagement ring
Image Credit: Ramsay / Wikimedia Commons

Can’t she talk to her fiancé about it? Why did she have to post her grievances online? If she can’t have an honest conversation with her future husband, what hope does their marriage have?

Marriage is not about the size of the diamond, it is about the love you share.

Share away, people.