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X-rays of a child shocked doctors all over the world: now parents want to warn others

Only when you become a parent for the first time – do you realize how many dangers are in your home.

Things that you would never think can cause harm – suddenly become danger zones – and as new parents it can be difficult to know what endangers the children in your family. Of course, we all try to make the home as safe as possible for our children, but we can never be sure that we have secured everything.

This is exactly what these parents experienced, after going through an insanely scary experience that is now making headlines around the world.

One day, 2-year-old Chen-Chen jumped on the bed when an accident occurred. In the middle of his jump – the Chinese boy suddenly tripped and fell to the floor.

Unfortunately, the result was far worse than just jumping on the bed.

When the boy fell to the floor, he landed with his head first straight on a power cord plug. The plug got stuck inside the head of the 2-year-old kid.

When his parents saw the horrific sight, they immediately took him to the hospital.

There, X-rays showed that the pins of the plug pierced the child’s brain.

The horrific X-rays have shocked millions of families and doctors around the world.

The child was operated immediately, with surgeons trying to remove the plug carefully without causing further damage.

After about three hours, the doctors were able to remove the plug and stitch the boy’s head.

Doctors do not currently know whether the child will suffer long-term damage, but they are optimistic about the chances of recovery.

This scary story shows us how difficult it is to get rid of any danger in home – and how important it is to warn other parents about potential dangers.

You can never be too careful.

The best thing we can do is to share this story and warn other parents of young children of the potential danger.