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You’ll never eat sushi again after reading this. So scary!

Many people love eating sushi, which in recent years has become one of the most popular meals. But for the following person, the delicacy almost killed him. After eating sashimi, thread worms began to eat the inside of his body.

It started with abdominal pain and itchy skin. He went to the doctor, had an X-ray, and was shocked from what they found. His whole body was full of worms! And all this as a result of a number of sashimi pieces.

His love for sashimi almost led to his death after thread worms took over his whole body.

Apparently the uncooked fish was contaminated, this is what the doctors in Guangzhou Province determined after treating the person.

Eating raw and uncooked fish can cause infections and worms, so it is very interesting how the sushi trend has been so successful when the risks are known to everyone.

Usually everything goes well except in places where the hygiene is bad. But recently more and more western countries are experiencing various poisons and infections as a result of eating live fish.

What is causing the latest trend? The sushi itself seems to be. It has become so popular that there are many types and the risk goes up. Nancy Craig, a research author who publishes in the Canadian Family Physician about the trend, explained.

“The global popularity of sushi and sashimi is definitely a factor. But other popular dishes are affecting as well, like various salted fish – originating in the Baltic or Scandinavian countries – and also carpaccio and ceviche”.

The result of eating live fish with thread worm eggs can cause an infection called cysticercosis – when the older worms make their way into a person’s bloodstream. Eventually they can reach the brain and cause death.