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Young Man Commits Suicide After Taking Walk Of Shame At Target

Target has a humiliating disciplinary measure that is called the “walk of shame.”

It involves the police and the employee being led around the store in handcuffs before being taken out to the police car.

Graham Gentles was a cashier at a Target in Pasadena, California and took his own life after being subjected to that process.

Graham’s mother is suing Target and says that it was never made clear why Graham was being arrested – he was never charged with a crime.

Graham was fired from his job, and three days later, he hung himself.

Graham had Asperger’s Syndrome, and it may have led him to hyper focus on the incident, and it made him end his own life.

Take a look at this video

Target has denied that this is a policy and offered Graham’s mother, Virginia, their condolences.

It may not be a company-wide policy – but it certainly is a thing in Pasadena.

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