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Young Woman’s Trail Of Odd Items Left Behind Leads Mom To Horrifying Scene

Elizabeth Luebke left her Wisconsin home on Saturday night with several items that created a strange trail throughout an average Milwaukee neighborhood. When hours had passed and nobody knew what she did, her mother received a phone call, which eventually led her down the path her daughter created and into a peculiar scene.

Earlier in the evening, the 21-year-old told her mother that she was going to a concert, and she was dressed the part for the event. Wearing fish net stockings, jean shorts, a tank top, and furry shoe covers, Luebke left on that snowy night, keeping warm with the liquor she guzzled along the way.

Hours later, her mom received a phone call from her daughter’s friend, explaining what the young woman had really gone out and did that night.

According to CBS, after Luebke attended the concert with some friends, the acquaintances went back to one of their homes for an after party, where they all continued to drink.

Since it was late and Luebke was extremely intoxicated by about 4 a.m., it was inevitable that an argument would break out between herself and another drunk party-goer. When the disagreement took place, Luebke left the house in a fit of rage, without anyone trying to stop her.

After a couple of hours of her not returning, friends, who stayed behind at the house, assumed that she had been picked up somewhere along the way by the 21-year-old man who brought her to the party.

However, one concerned friend, who couldn’t get in contact with the wanderer, called Luebke’s mother in Oshkosh to say she was missing.

The unnamed parent drove down to the city to attempt to find her daughter and file a missing person’s report, when strange pieces to her whereabouts started coming together. Luebke’s hat, glasses, and bracelet were found outside a home not far from where the party took place. Then, surveillance footage from the area emerged, which showed her collapsing near the neighbor’s house.

The assorted trail of her belongings and video evidence led the mother and police to another house, two doors down, where Luebke was found dead in the snow, having succumbed to the sub-zero temperatures. Wearing nothing more than her summer-style attire she left in that night, she didn’t last long out in the elements, which was six below zero with a windchill of -22.2 degrees, NYDailyNews reported.

While the young woman should have been responsible for herself, in picking appropriate clothing for the weather and not drinking to a level that renders her incoherent, several people who were with her that night had the opportunity to try to stop her, but they didn’t. Her friends seemingly made no attempt to stop her from going out alone in the cold while she was intoxicated.
After this incident police are urging people to stick together in groups while venturing into possibly dangerous conditions.